Hi. I’m Tiffany Dufu, Founder & CEO of The Cru. I’ve done a lot of great stuff. Through it all, I’ve had one goal: A world in which women’s gifts and voices are fully harnessed for the benefit of us all. I work hard, but the secret to my success is my Cru. They know my good, bad and ugly. They help me create a plan. They hold my feet to the fire. They make introductions, buy my books, and retweet my ideas. They have me in stitches. They don’t judge me when I leave tears on their nice clothes. We have each other’s back.

In January 2018 I was having breakfast with a woman who was very successful in her career but had unfulfilled ambitions. She felt she needed more support and accountability. I told her about my circle of peer mentors I called my “Cru” and encouraged her to find one too. She protested: “Tiffany, even if these amazing women are out there, I don’t have time to find them.” Hearing her frustration inspired me to make her a promise: “I’ll find them for you.” This is how The Cru was born.

Our Beliefs

We believe in acceptance. It’s impossible to judge others once you stop judging yourself. We believe in abundance. There is infinite beauty, talent and resources. We believe in reciprocity. What you give is what you’ll receive. We believe in joy. There is no guilt with pleasure. We have fun with reckless abandon.

Don’t have a Cru?
Don’t worry. We'll help you find one.