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Membership in The Cru is $499 annually. We offer a 3-month installment plan. Payment will not be due until after you have been matched, invited to become a Cru member, and have made your acceptance decision. Once you're matched and introduced to your Cru we'll teach you how to Cru Coach one another and conduct gatherings. You'll also receive a physical Cru Playbook and access to an online portal where you'll track your intentions, message other members, and gain skills via exclusive online workshops and conversations with thought leaders. All members are invited to attend an annual Cru Summit in Miami.* Throughout your journey, a virtual Cru Guide will ensure you're having a meaningful experience and encourage your success.

| *The Summit has additional registration cost."

Cru members are mid-level and senior professionals from diverse industries who identify as women. Seventy-five percent are employed and twenty-five percent are entrepreneurs but don't let the labels fool you. They're just as likely to be an accountant as a dancer or digital influencer. Sixty percent are women of color. Fifty-two percent are moms. Cru members consider themselves accomplished and want to accelerate their personal and professional growth.

Your Cru will provide you inspiration and accountability. You'll conduct structured gatherings where you'll Cru Coach one another. We'll teach you how to be an effective Cru Coach. In between the gatherings, your Cru will be able to see and track your intention progress and will encourage you online. In addition to the support of your Cru, we'll facilitate Cross Cru Connections with other women in the constellation who share one or more of your intentions, even if they're in a different Cru. All of our online workshops and thought leader conversations are designed to provide you with the skills and insights you need to realize their intentions.

Once you join, commitment is the glue that holds a Cru together. Your attendance, active participation and confidentiality is critical to your Cru's success. Gatherings average two hours and take place quarterly or monthly. Between gatherings members track their progress and support one another online. Members who make the most progress on their intentions spend on average one hour per week reflecting on their intentions and engaging with their Cru between gatherings.

We use your application data to match you with up to eight other women based on your values, personality, and demographics. We believe that diversity is a key component to achieving breakthroughs in our lives, so we intentionally match you with women that have various backgrounds, ambitions, networks and stories. Each Cru is matched by our algorithm, then reviewed by a member of our team. We match Crus on a rolling basis.

No. Our members' privacy is sacred to us. Until you've joined The Cru and signed our privacy agreement we will not share their information with you.

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