Apply to join The Cru.

Here's what you should know before you get started:

- The Cru is a constellation of women committed to helping each other thrive. We take the work out of networking and help you to achieve your goals. To learn more about The Cru before you apply, please visit

- Your privacy is sacred to us. Everything you share will be kept confidential.

- This is a matching process, not a selection process. You are not being evaluated. So go with your gut and be yourself. The Cru is a judgement-free zone.

- Completing this application is a 20 minute investment in yourself. We recommend pairing with a cup of tea or glass of wine in a quiet place.

- You will record or upload video of yourself for the interview. You can do this on your smartphone or a computer with a webcam.

- Membership in The Cru is $499 annually. We will do our best to match you in a Cru, but matches aren't guaranteed. If you're not matched in this round, you'll get priority in the next one. We won't ask you to pay the membership fee until after we've found your Cru.